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Inside New Center


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The World in 100 Years – … History of the Future
Opening of the new exhibition on TUE June 15th.
Deep Space LIVE: Nostalgia in 3-D
Deep Space LIVE am DO 17.6.2010, 20:00, entführt in die nostalgische Welt 100 Jahre alter 3-D-Bilder.
Ars Electronica featured at Automobil Forum Unter den Linden in Berlin
Ars Electronica exhibition “Poetry in Motion” at Automobil Forum from June 25 to September 5, 2010.
Deep Space LIVE: the European Extremly Large Telescope
On THU June 24, 2010, at 8 PM Dietmar Hager invites to a Deep Space LIVE about the European World Record Telescope.
Am SA 26. und SO 27.6.2010 finden erstmals FamilyDays im Ars Electronica Center statt.
Special opening hours
From Aug. 23 to Sept. 1, 2010, the museum will be closed because of preparations for the Festival Ars Electronica.
Special Offer “Doppelt hält besser”
Too much to take in during a single visit?
Then take a follow-up tour of the Ars Electronica Center for half price!
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The new Ars Electronica Center is a one-of-a-kind facility. 3,000 m2 of space for exhibits – the new Ars Electronica Center makes an impressive statement both stylistically and new functionally.
Festival Ars Electronica 2010
“Repair” constitutes the focal point at the next Ars Electronica Festival, September 2-7, 2010. The epicenter of these activities will be the Tabakfabrik Linz.
Winners Prix Ars Electronica 2010
With over 40.617 entries since 1987 and prize money in 2010 totalling 122,500 euros, the competition offers the largest cash purse for cyberarts worldwide.

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Winners u19 – freestyle computing 2010
u19 – freestyle computing is Austria’s largest computer competition for Austrians’ young people.

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