Low Cost Design

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Low Cost Design, un libro di Daniele Pario Perra

This volume is founded on a principle upheld by leading designers: the best project is not necessarily the one that is patented, that is created by architectural firms or at the computer by leading companies, but rather the one that springs from the simplicity of daily life. Starting from this concept Daniele Pario Perra presents here the results of a vast research project carried out between Northern Europe and the Southern Mediterranean, in the course of which he documented thousands of examples of spontaneous creativity, creating a visual dictionary that strikes a constant balance between “poetic skill” and “technological skill”. The ideas presented are the creations of authors we don’t know. They are classified according to different levels of research (five different design levels for objects, six categories for actions) and stimulate reflection on the recovery and re-use of materials. Above all, they present a very interesting picture from a sociological, urbanistic and ethnographic stand point. This is a book that involves us by taking a far-reaching, free-ranging, eclectic and radical look at our daily life.